Saturday, 14 September 2019

Rishworth Butterflies and Hollas Bridge Butterflies and Dragonflies

Rishworth Butterflies 14/09/2019
I had some old bananas in the garden sliced up for the butterflies. A few came along....

Painted Lady x2
Red Admiral
                                                        Red Admiral + Painted Lady

                                                                      Painted Lady
                                                Hollas Bridge 14/09/2019

                                                         Common Blue
                                                       ID Dragonfly

Friday, 13 September 2019

Byron Edge drain

Is this a Black Darter? From naked eye views only, I'd say there were about 12 of these here.

Hollas bridge

Had a walk round in the sun today with Charlie....

Common Blue x 2 (a pair in cop)
Red Admiral x 10 +
Painted Lady 10 +
Peacock x 1
Small Tortoiseshell x 5
Comma x 3
Small Copper x 3
Small White x 2
Speckled Wood x 2
Large White x 1

Silver Y x 1

Coleophora Mayrella case found on red clove ??

Black  Darter x 1
Common Darter x 2

                                                                  Male Black Darter

Hairy Shieldbug x 4

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Lee Mount - recent's

Still getting a few Large Yellow Underwings and Copper Underwing agg and not a lot else. Square-spot Rustic's seem to be fading now after a good show in recent weeks.
 Flounced Rustic - they are such a variable bunch !

 Green-veined White on Verbena bonariensis

Mouse Moth

Still a decent show of butterflies in the garden earlier today.....
Painted Lady x 2
Peacock x 2
Red Admiral x 4
Speckled Wood x 1
Small Tortoiseshell x 3

On Ogden golf course
Udea lutealis on Fleabane

An Immigrant and last year's Plume Moth

Spent a couple of minutes swishing the net in the garden last night, just three moths - Silver Y, Light Brown Apple Moth and this spiffing Rusty-dot Pearl - a first for me (alive anyway). It was feeding on a patch of Heleniums. Maybe it's a sign of things to come this weekend for a big influx of immigrants. Get those traps out!

I had a go at dissecting last year's "Tansy Plume" trapped at CB in August. Turns out it's a very worn and very small Beautiful/Brindled Plume. Not sure which yet but it definitely aint a Tansy Plume.

If in doubt get it dissected!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


Moth Trapping Night 10th September 2019
Another night with rain forecast with rain forecast so I brought the trap at around 23:00

List of Species
Large Yellow Underwing x2
Mouse Moth x1
Red Green Carpet x1
                                                   Micro ID Above
                                               Mouse Moth
                                     Everyone sure with Red Green Carpet??

Hollas Bridge

Common Blue x 4
Red Admiral x 6
Painted Lady x 3
Small Copper x 1
Small Tortoiseshell x 4
Comma x 1
Small White x 2
Peacock x 1

                                                      Male Common Blue
                                                                   Red Admiral

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Northowram today

Put some old fruit out on Sunday and today had my first butterfly a Speckled Wood .Down the lane there were 2 x Small White , Red Admiral x 5 and 3 Peacock..


Following up from the last post with a strange mystery moth on here is the only other picture I have Andy.


ID?                                        Strange one this....

Rishworth Butterflies

Flying around the garden at the moment:                               (Tuesday 10th September)

Small Tortoiseshell x2
Peacock x6
Red Admiral x3
Painted Lady x8
Small White x3
Large White x2

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Northowram 8th September

Small Copper x 2
Small Tortoiseshell x 18
Speckled Wood x 11
Painted Lady x 3
Peacock x 1
Green veined White x 1
Large White x 2
Small White x 15


Moth Night of Saturday 7th September

Very Little in the trap after the grass frost came this morning.

List of Species
Centre-Barred Sallow x1*
Angle Shades x1
Large Yellow Underwing x1

* First Centre-Barred Sallow this year.

                                                     Large Yellow Underwing
                                                                Centre-Barred Sallow
                                                     Angle Shades

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Lee Mount - 6th and 7th September

One or two selected species from the last 2 nights.
 Setaceous Hebrew Character - looking a bit worn but it's a first for here this year

 Devils Coach-horse Beetle
First one I've had here for many years, and I accidentally trod on it in the dark (ouch... I heard something crunch!!!). When I looked down with the torch it had it's abdomen curled up and I managed to get a shot of before it crawled down a crevice in the path. Hope it's ok but it looks to have a bit of damage.

 Black Rustic

Silver Y (tonight -nectering on Sedum)


 Moth Trap Night 6th September 2019 
Had to bring the trap in at 10:00 as drizzle came and thought I wouldn't risk it. Very little in the trap at that time.

List of Species
Parasitic Wasp x1
Beetle x2
ID x3
Large Yellow Underwing x1

                                                      Id Above
                                                   Id Above;Same moth as below
                                                   Id Below

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Lee Mount - 5th September

Not much overnight with 5 Large Yellow Underwing and 2 Pink-barred Sallow which was only the second record for here. Two very similar moths.
 Pink-barred Sallow


Red admiral

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Crimsworth Dean

Tried the upper end of the dean around Grainwater Bridge and Lumb Falls this morning in hail, rain, wind and sunshine. Very hardy butterflies Red Admirals x 2 and a Small Tortoiseshell x 1 and all sheltering on stone walls. No moths found.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019


Does everyone agree with dark Brocade?

Cold Edge

Ear Moth species on Ragwort this afternoon. Photo is from the phone so it's a bit of a trial and hope it comes out ok .

Monday, 2 September 2019

Lee Mount - 2nd September

Hardly anything in the trap this morning.
Centre-barred Sallow x 1
Square-spot Rustic x 1
Large Yellow Underwing x 2
Lesser Yellow Underwing x 1
............and that was it !

Also keep seeing what could be a Vapourer Moths flying around in the daytime. Just can't get enough on them to be sure especially when they head off over the trees !


More ID's

Sorry I have so Many.....
                                                 ?????? Wainscot       Old Lady Below (Sugar mixture Had 8 Of them)
                                                         Dark Brocade or Arches other Brocade is sure as a Brocade


ID Anyone?


Anyone For ID?
Thought about a Rustic but still not sure... Above
                                                           ID Above
                                                   Frosted Orange Above
                                             Buff Footman Above    Id Below