Sunday, 14 October 2018

Cromwell Bottom

Black Rustic x 1
Feathered Thorn x 4
Plain Wave x 1
Small -fan footed Wave x 1
LYU x 2
Lesser/Common Rustic agg x 1
Svennsonn's Copper Underwing x 1
Blastobasis   decolorella x 1
Garden Carpet  x 1
Straw Dot x 1
Light -brown apple Moth x 3
Rhomboid Tortrix x 1

Saturday, 13 October 2018


I forgot to post a shot of the underside wings of a Comma butterfly. They're very lovely creatures. The "comma" is on lower wing. This photo was taken against the light, so the comma does not show up as well as it could. Once day, I'll get a better shot.

Comma butterfly.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Lee Mount - 12th October

I wasn't expecting anything this morning but this brightened things up !
Barred Sallow

Feathered thorn

The Feathered thorn was still here at Ogden this morning, holding on for grim death in the face of high winds and blowing rain (or as we know it summer weather at Ogden!!)


Following Andy's light-hearted comment about a collection of the underside of butterfly wings, I thought I would show three. The first one is a little soft focus, It would not stay still for me.


 Red Admiral.

Small Tortoiseshell.

Night Peacock 1889 by V.v.Gogh.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Ogden Water

Only 1 moth on the door today - there when I arrived at 3.15pm!

Feathered thorn

Bare Head Tunnel

This afternoon
11 Heralds, 7 on the roof and 4 in holes on the side walls
Also found 6 Butterfly's in hibernation mode, all on the roof. I thought they were all Small Tortoiseshells but started questioning my identification, especially as only the underwings were visible and some were larger and darker than others. Not always easy in the torchlight but managed to get some photo's hopefully to aid identification though one was in an impossible location for a photo.
All different individuals and think the one not photographed was like the last two shots. Top 3 maybe Small tort's and last 2 Peacock ?????

Something new to learn every day !

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


20 Small Copper today and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Northowram in the warm southerly wind...

1 Small Copper , Cold edge dams , (thanks Pete Smith )


Things are a little quiet here at the moment. I thought I may as well post the only moth I've seen in a few days. It's so well known that it hardly needs a photo, I simply wanted to wake things up. I imagine after the 13 Oct. moth night there will be interesting things to view.

Light Brown Apple.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Cromwell Bottom Moth Night Sat 13th October

Trap will be going on around 7.00...........

Lee Mount - 9th October

Four very nice moths in or around the  trap this morning along with a November Moth agg.
 Blair's Shoulder-knot
 Tachystola acroxantha (numerous of these at times this year and still getting an occasional one)
 Merveille du Jour
(a much paler individual than the previous one on 28th September, it's been here all day in the same spot but I moved it well away from the trap tonight)
Feathered Thorn
(seems to like the outdoor Cyclamen as it's been here for 2 days now)

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Butterfly sightings

Pete Smith reports..
Small Tortoiseshell x 2 in Shibden Valley 6th Oct
Red Admiral x 1 , Small Tortoiseshell x 1 7th Oct Town Centre by Curry's

Thanks Pete

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Lee Mount - 4th October

A stunning looking Autumn Green Carpet in the trap earlier this week - a real beauty !
Autumn Green Carpet

Thursday, 4 October 2018


Four moths today, five if you count the Angle Shades which has been here for a couple of days.

A Garden Carpet first, it's only the second one I have seen this year.

Garden Carpet.

Light Brown Apple in the hall, I took it outside after taking a photo.

Light Brown Apple.

I'm going to call the next a Strawberry Tortrix, (sorry Charlie). When I was trying to ID it last week, I only found one photo online that looked like this one. Non of my moth books had one in the same colour/pattern. In the absence of a more positive ID, unscientifically, I'm calling it that. At least I will know it in my records later. I've never seen this moth before and I've now had three in a week.

Strawberry Tortrix?

On safer ground, the last one is a Silver Y. It's the first one I've seen this year and always welcome.

 Silver Y.

Lee Mount - 2nd October

Silver Y at night nectering on Verbena bonariensis
Silver Y


A slightly worn Angle Shades has settled on the beading round our door. It provides a somewhat unusual view of it, compared to the one most of us are used to seeing.

Angle Shades.

Angle Shades.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


I x Strawberry Tortrix today. It's a different one to the one posted on 28th Sept. It is not as worn but there was no point posting the photo.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Northowram 1st October

Small Copper x 33
Red Admiral x 9
Comma x 1
Small Tortoiseshell x 1

Speckled Wood x 1 ( Mixenden , thanks P.Smith)

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Painted lady..

A painted Lady in the garden on the 29th September  ended another great month..lets see what October brings must be a few still out there................................

Cromwell Bottom

Barred Sallow x 2
Pink Barred Sallow x 2
Frosted Orange x 1
Pinion - streaked Snout x 1
Dark - Sword Grass x 1
Garden Carpet x 2
LYU x 2
Small Square Spot x 1
Red Green Carpet x 1
Streak x 1
Lunar Underwing x 1

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Lee Mount and Pepper Hill

Lee Mount. Red Admirals down a bit today in the cooler conditions.
Red Admiral x 5
Comma x 1
Small Tortoiseshell x 2

Pepper Hill (above Boothtown/Claremount)
Small Copper x 2
Speckled Wood x 1 on Hag Lane


This moth has me puzzled. I spent two hours trying to ID it. All I could come up with was, an Autumn Green Carpet Chloroclysta miata. There is a certain amount of green in it but it didn't look much like any I saw in books or online. Until someone here corrects me, I shall have to stay with that. The difference in colour of the stone, is that the first shot was taken with available light. The second shot, using flash. I have noticed this difference before.

Autumn Green Carpet. TBC.

Autumn Green Carpet detail.

Friday, 28 September 2018

28th Sept.2018

Small Copper x 30
Painted LAdy x 1
Red Admiral x 11
Small White x 3

From Pete Smith (many thanks Pete)

Green - veined White x 1 (North Bridge)
Red Admiral x 4 (New Bank)
Small Tortoiseshell x 2 (New Bank)

Ogden records

1 x red admiral
2 x male vapour er moths going nuts around visitor centre.  Could not find female

Lee Mount and Ringby Lane

3 Small Coppers up the lane this morning but very few flowering plants up there now!

Lee Mount - up to 12 Red Admirals and 4 Small Tortoiseshells on Buddleia and Sedum the last few days and still here today.
Great weather for butterfly's !


Just one moth again, it's a new one to me. I think it's a Strawberry Tortrix - Acleris comariana. I also looked at A. laterana, but the moth below was smaller that the stated size A. laterana, probably 5 or 6mm tip to tail.

Strawberry Tortrix - 
Acleris comariana. TBC.

Lee Mount - 28th September

Some very unexpected moths last night and in the trap this morning. All looking freshly emerged and bright. Think I've got identification correct ?

 Above and below 2 different November Moth agg

 Blair's Shoulder-knot
 Merveille du Jour (what a stunner)!
Red-green Carpet
Copper Underwing agg x 1
Red-line Quaker x 1
Light-brown Apple-moth x1
Silver Y x 1

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Small Coppers

I can not believe that there were 30 Small Coppers feeding on ragwort today at Northowram , its the last week of September.......?? 3 Red Admiral and 3 Small Whites also today.......

Recent butterfly records

Shelf Hall Park - Tuesday 25th September
2 x Speckled Wood
1 x small tortoiseshell

Ogden Water - Thursday 27th September
2 x Speckled Wood
1 x Comma

Lee Mount 26th/27th September

A new one for here last night and still here this morning - Red-line Quaker and also a Green Carpet. Not had many 'carpet sp' all year so this was very nice for a change, though looking a little worn.
1 Silver Y was nectering last night on the Buddleia as well, nice to see in the torch-light.

 Green Carpet
Red-line Quaker
Also in the trap this morning
Large Yellow Underwing x 1
Svensson's Copper Underwing x 1 (found dead)
Copper Underwing agg
Light-brown Apple-moth x 3
Also a pug which I'm working on !!!

10 Red Admirals on the Buddleia and Sedum  yesterday and just one Small Tortoiseshell

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Lee Mount -25th September

Moth trap empty this morning (2 days running) not used to this !!

Butterfly's made up for it though. At one time just across lunch time we counted a minimum of 12 Red Admirals and 4 Small Tortoiseshells. All on the few remaining flowers on the Buddleia and now making good use of the Sedum.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Lee Mount

Not a lot on the Moth front this last few days but this Mottled Umber on the fence by the trap on Sunday was still there this morning.
Mottle Umber


It's a lovely, mild sunny day and one small tortoiseshell was feeding from a pansy in the garden.

Hardly groundbreaking news in view of other posts about butterflies, However, we have not seem very many in the garden this year and it's the first tortoiseshell I have seen in the garden.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Late September

A warm sunny day at Hedge Top Lane , Northowram today...The week ahead looks good for Butterfly's please post any records.....all are important at this time of year. Looks like we are in for a large Red Admiral influx....

Small Copper x 7
Red Admiral x 10
Small Tortoiseshell x 1
Small White x 5
Silver Y x 3

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Caterpillar ??

A strange looking caterpillar found by Steve Blacksmith today at Kebroyd on a beech near the river. Any ideas ??
Update from Steve - he found it on -  Pale Tussock Moth after a search for 'white hairy caterpillar'.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Ogden - Thursday 20th

Red admiral x1
Speckled Wood x2

But all gone by 1pm!!