Wednesday, 17 July 2019

VC63 Garden Moths 16th July 2019

Tues 16th July 2019

Weather Warm 15-16 o , still ,preceding days warm humidity moderate

Method Actinic 20 Robinson

ABH  63.018  1378  Elder Pearl Anania coronata
ABH  72.045  2050  Common Footman Eilema lurideola
ABH  70.016  1713  Riband Wave Idaea aversata
ABH  73.084   2293  Marbled Beauty Bryophila domestica
ABH  73.329   2102  Flame Shoulder Ochropleura plecta
ABH  73.002   2449 Dark Spectacle Abrostola triplasia
ABH  73.162   2321  Dark Arches Apamea monoglypha
ABH  16.001   0424  Bird-cherry Ermine Yponomeuta evonymella
ABH  73.254   2176  Antler Moth Cerapteryx graminis
ABH  73.317   2089  Heart & Dart Agrotis exclamationis
ABH  73.342   2107   Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba
ABH  49.156   1083  Marbled Orchard Tortrix Hedya nubiferana
ABH  49.039   0998  Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittana
ABH  63.080   1293  Grass Veneer Chrysoteuchia culmella
ABH  73.368   2136  The Gothic Naenia typica

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Comparison Norfolk Moths


Three new to me moths today Common Wainscot and MAYBE (I hope) is Anania crocealis  (TBC) and three things needing and ID.

And yet another common moth I've not seen before. It's the first wainscot I've encountered, I was pleased to find it.

Common Wainscot.

I can't really think that the one below is what I suspect. Searching online and Manley's it's the best fit I could come up with. I did a crop of it, (rare for me) as I'm puzzled about what is curled over it's  head. It's the same colour as the moth, but I don't see it as a palp. If it's a proboscis, it's very big and looks square. Can anyone enlighten me please?

Anania crocealis. (TBC)

Anania crocealis, detail. TBC

I'm sorry to say that after almost 3 hours searching, I gave up on this. It's just a brown moth. After a while. most micros in Manley's looked just like it. (Brain Fade).


Last night sat in the garden, I spotted the next image on our honeysuckle. I went to look and a very, small, mid brown caterpillar was peeping out at the bottom of it's den. As soon as I got near it, it shot back in at a speed which surprised me. I've not seen it today as yet. Two views of the cocoon, if that's the right name for it. The second is blurred, sorry. I didn't find anything on the Net.

On honeysuckle.

ID Needed.

Also, but no photos are here today:

4 x Marbled Beauties.
2 x Common Footman.
2 x Light Brown Apple.
1 x Small Magpie. (Very Worn).
1 x Riband Wave Banded. (My first this year).
2 x of the pale micro above, which needs an ID.

Not a bad find today. it's amazing what a little warm weather does.

Lee Mount - 17th July

A decent selection of moths in and around the trap this morning but the highlight was another Hummingbird Hawkmoth on the bedding Verbena. As usual it didn't stay around long but I did follow Sarah's initiative from the other day and got a short video of it on the phone.

11 species of Butterfly in the garden yesterday - I think that's a record for here - but I did have a lot of time to sit and watch !

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Day time obs

Found these two today , the Light Emerald was in Northowram and the Clouded Border at Ogden..

Lee Mount - Purple Hairstreak ?? was a Common Blue

Yesterday afternoon, in the top of the oak at the back of the house I had five short sightings of a single small butterfly which I suspected was a Purple Hairstreak. I couldn't be 100% sure as it disappeared so quickly but I'll be on watch this afternoon when, hopefully, the sun will shine again.

Tracked it down, same area as yesterday in and around the oak but it played plenty tricks on me till 6 pm - Managed to get the scope on it as it landed on a leaf...Holly Blue - but that will do for now!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Cromwell Bottom LNR 13th July 2019

Cromwell Bottom LNR

FEET Freshwater Environment Ecology Trust Recording Session

Habitat Transistional Lagoon - Reedbed Wetland in proximity to Wet Woodland and Willow Carr surrounded by Mixed Deciduous Cover.  Monittorring

Weather : Warm circa 14o , Overcast , yielding occ drizzle circa 2.30am

Method    120 W Robinson

Aprox Species Count n = 50

There were at least 3 Traps Run on Saturday 20 W Actinic and 100 W Mercury in the Yard and/or nr  adajcent wood  ( Technically not on  the Nature Reserve and 1 at the Lagoon part of the existing Cromwell Bottom LNR whose Tier 3 designation ends circa 2020/21  . There were some subtle variances in species collected in regard to locations which are indicative of the diverse habitat mosaics on the reserve . The Lagoon has had bi -Triennial year on year monttoring

The Lagoon yielded Wainscot and Footman as might be associated with the wetland  band also a spectrum of Green Lepidoptera Common Emerald ( Hawthorn (Crataegus), blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) ) , Large Emerald , Light Emerald and v-Pug and nicely Greened July High Flyers .

ABH 70.074  BF1777      July Highflyer Hydriomena furcata


ABH  70.305 BF1669    Common Emerald Hemithea aestivaria

Also species specific to the seasonal Wet Woodlands and Willow Carrs either side of the area benchmarks the importance of transitional habitat such as the Angle Striped Sallow , and other Birch and Willow Specific feeders. Some of the larger trees in proximity brought in Poplar and a number of Underwings although LY Underwing was not prolific.

ABH  73.211 BF 2313  Angle-striped Sallow Enargia paleace



ABH  49.155 BF 1086  Hedya  salicella (White-backed Marble)




ABH 69.003 BF1981       Poplar Hawk-moth Laothoe populi


Whilst conditions and close proximity led to overlap the Yard and North Loop and its MGT ( seed Mix) yielded many veneers and species specifi to the seed mix. It was nice to see unusually the Latticed Heath at the Lagoon Site which has been absent from the lower Tag Meadow for a couple of years . Although a small single specimen , the high temperature and low wind  facilitated its evening flying I have only swept these before daytime so one attracted to light was a bonus. Straw Dot Rivula sericealis and Shaded Broadbar can be seen durig the day among grasses


The Double Lobed below is indicative of the Canary Reed Grass found along the Calder Canal and in Damp Land Inhabiting fens, damp woodland and other marshy places,

ABH  73.168 BF2336    Double Lobed Lateroligia ophiogramma


ABH 73.343 BF2110 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua fimbriata

ABH 3.003 BF0018 Map-winged Swift Korscheltellus fusconebulosa
This is a form believed to be gallicus Link

73.175 BF2338  Rufous Minor Oligia versicolor  - Tenuous Note 2


ABH 70.052 BF1725  Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet Xanthorhoe ferrugata Note 1


ABH   63.064 BF1334    Scoparia ambigualis Common Grey TBC

63.074 Eudonia mercurella


Additional to AC List

ABH 49.013 BF 977 Large Fruit-tree Tortrix Archips podana


ABH  70.054 BF1727  Silver-ground Carpet Xanthorhoe montanata.


Note 1 Caution on Dark Twin Spot Carpet as a rarer red form exists
Note 2 Marble Minor agg Agregate- Likely but to be absolute Gen Det

Open To Correction

Hollas Bridge

A quick look around today ,,,Good numbers of Butterflys about..--
Small Skipper 30 +
Large Skipper 10
Gatekeeper 6
Common Blue 3
Ringlet 20 +
Large White 4
Small White 3
Small Tortoiseshell  4
Meadow Brown   20 +
Painted Lady 2
Speckled Wood 2

Also 1 magnificent Emperor Dragonfly and 7 young Goosander

Cromwell Bottom Moth Night Summary - July 13th

Another great night with most of the "big guns" present :-)

Midgley Moor

                                               Beautiful Yellow Underwing
                                                       Northern Spinach
Taken on Midgley Moor yesterday by Sarah Flood ..many thanks Sarah great selection

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Cromwell Bottom Sat 13th July 2019

18 Hepialus fusconebulosa Map-winged Swift
874 Blastobasis lacticolella
937 Agapeta hamana
1086 Hedya salicella
1175 Epiblema uddmanniana Bramble Shoot Moth
1293 Chrysoteuchia culmella Garden Grass-veneer
1304 Agriphila straminella
1333 Scoparia pyralella
1334 Scoparia ambigualis
1344 Eudonia mercurella
1354 Cataclysta lemnata Small China-mark
1405 Pleuroptya ruralis Mother of Pearl
1428 Aphomia sociella Bee Moth
1666 Geometra papilionaria Large Emerald
1669 Hemithea aestivaria Common Emerald
1702 Idaea biselata Small Fan-footed Wave
1708 Idaea dimidiata Single-dotted Wave
1713 Idaea aversata ab. remutata Riband Wave [non-banded form]
1713 Idaea aversata Riband Wave
1725 Xanthorhoe ferrugata Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet
1732 Scotopteryx chenopodiata Shaded Broad-bar
1742 Camptogramma bilineata Yellow Shell
1754 Eulithis prunata Phoenix
1777 Hydriomena furcata July Highflyer
1811 Eupithecia tenuiata Slender Pug
1830 Eupithecia absinthiata Wormwood Pug
1839 Eupithecia succenturiata Bordered Pug
1858 Chloroclystis v-ata V-Pug
1862 Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-striped Pug
1887 Lomaspilis marginata Clouded Border
1894 Chiasmia clathrata Latticed Heath
1906 Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth
1921 Crocallis elinguaria Scalloped Oak
1922 Ourapteryx sambucaria Swallow-tailed Moth
1941 Alcis repandata Mottled Beauty
1955 Cabera pusaria Common White Wave
1956 Cabera exanthemata Common Wave
1981 Laothoe populi Poplar Hawk-moth
1991 Deilephila elpenor Elephant Hawk-moth
2038 Nudaria mundana Muslin Footman
2044 Eilema griseola Dingy Footman
2049 Eilema depressa Buff Footman
2050 Eilema lurideola Common Footman
2089 Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart
2098 Axylia putris Flame
2107 Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing
2110 Noctua fimbriata Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
2118 Lycophotia porphyrea True Lover's Knot
2128 Xestia triangulum Double Square-spot
2160 Lacanobia oleracea Bright-line Brown-eye
2193 Mythimna ferrago Clay
2198 Mythimna impura Smoky Wainscot
2199 Mythimna pallens Common Wainscot
2268 Parastichtis suspecta Suspected
2293 Cryphia domestica Marbled Beauty
2313 Enargia paleacea Angle-striped Sallow
2314 Parastichtis ypsillon Dingy Shears
2321 Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches
2326 Apamea crenata Clouded-bordered Brindle
2330 Apamea remissa Dusky Brocade
2336 Apamea ophiogramma Double Lobed
2337 Oligia strigilis Marbled Minor
2345 Photedes minima Small Dotted Buff
2381 Hoplodrina alsines Uncertain
2441 Autographa gamma Silver Y
2442 Autographa pulchrina Beautiful Golden Y
2466 Lygephila pastinum Blackneck
2474 Rivula sericealis Straw Dot

Hypena proboscidalis


Saturday, 13 July 2019

Lee Mount - 13th July

A good selection of moths in the trap this morning including these beauties.
 Think this must be a (very dark) - Dark Arches

 Light Emerald

 Smoky Wainscot x 2

 Swallow-tailed Moth

True Lover's Knot

You'd think I'd know these by now.........

Emerged today from a mine in Goat Willow from Milner Royd Nature Reserve. Phyllonorycter dubitella or salicicolella........

Good id feature

Busy and mystery moth

Its very busy at the moment and many thanks for messages , texts , facebook messages etc ,etc .if I have missed any  messages and not replied  many apologies.....This moth above was in the Fox and Goose , Hebden the other night......I have it down to a Brocade sp ..think it looks black and white but it may be camera flash..?...


For some reason, this is one of those moths I didn't think I'd ever see. So, another first for me. Anne found it on the door at midnight last night. What a lovely ethereal thing it is. Anne said it looked like a fairy. It is in fact a White Plume moth.

White Plume.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Lee Mount - 12th July

This was the best I could do with the Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the conservatory yesterday. !

Hummingbird Hawkmoth at Booth this week  kindly sent in by Sarah Flood ..many thanks Sarah....

Big Butterfly Count - 19th July to 11th August

Please note that the Big Butterfly Count starts on 19th July until 11th August. Launched in 2010, it’s an annual nationwide survey run by Butterfly Conservation. Declines reveal the poor health of our environment – “WE NEED YOUR SIGHTINGS” is their appeal – ‘Big Butterfly Count’ type it into your computer or use the link below and log all your sightings.

Also, it's about the time to look out for Purple Hairstreaks ! I had my first one last year on 14th July. Watch around the tops of Oak trees in the sunshine mid / late afternoons.

Lee Mount - one or two from the last few days !

 Lempk'es Gold Spot (I think) I know this needs to be identified with care compared with Gold Spot !

 Elephant Hawkmoth


 July Highflyer

 Narrow-winged Pug (I think)

 Pinion-streaked Snout

Riband Wave (aversata)

One for Colin

I have this on my blog which I suspect is a the Ringlet aberration:  caeca

Anybody any ideas?

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Leaf Miners

I found a mine of this Red Birch Pygmy (P.ulmifoliella) around 18 days ago at "Treacle Wood" near the Cromwell cabin. It emerged last Saturday morning. I was quite happy with the photo of this tiny moth.

This Common Thorn Pygmy (S.crataegella) mine was at Copley meadow a couple of days ago complete with a distinct green larvae and red frass. It quickly vacated and spun a tiny cocoon (below) - it should emerge next March sometime, hopefully......