Friday, 4 April 2008

Oak Nycteoline

Brian Leesey phoned me today to let me know he had recorded 2423 Oak Nycteoline last night (I think it was last night). I have recorded this in most months of the year (March-Nov) in Calderdale but only as singletons at light. A seemingly scarce species in Calderdale, but given the recent thread on the forum is it scarce or just overlooked ? Its actually one of the Noctuidae but due to its small size is often ignored as a large Tortrix which it resembles closely to the naked eye. It a very variable species but most specimens I have trapped have had very distinctive dark spots on the forewings (as had Brians), much "crisper and brighter" looking all over than the one shown (borrowed from Ian Kimbers site).

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AndyC said...

NCD recorded one in Pellon in August 2000,Forwing length is a good id pointer as Oak N is between 11-13 mm Brians was 12 mm