Thursday, 21 August 2008

Nicrophorus investigator

Hi Chris

Retrieved this smelly beetle from the moth trap here on the Llyn this morning. This is N. investigator. If you compare it with your image you can see a definite difference in the shape of the posterior orange band and it has orange knobs to its antennae as opposed to black in your specimen. To see the image in its full size simply move the cursor over the image and right click.
Poor trap list this morning as we had a not forecasted torrential downpour overnight and this morning. One species around in some numbers (apart from the ubiquitous LYU) is Brimstone moth in its second brood. These are much smaller individuals than the ones I recorded earlier in the season. Hope the weather is OK for you guys back in Yorkshire, Sun is out here now and its starting to get quite warm at long last....time to go bug hunting methinks.

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Chris said...

Cheers Paul

Having a look at the two has cleared that up if I find any more in the future.