Friday, 19 September 2008

Not rare but I'm impressed!

OK so I don't think these are especially rare moths but I was very impressed with both of them in the trap today, spectacular beasts! Of course when I checked in the book there appear to be several very similar Thorn species but I think this is a Canary Shouldered? and the other an Angleshades.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Nick
Unlike tweeters most moths are valued for their intrinsic beauty not their rarity...unless you are a moth twitcher that is :-))

The Angleshades Moth is rather undervalued by most I think as its subtle variations in colouring make it a rather stunning beast. I dont know if you have trapped long enough but one of my favorite moths is the Herald. It does not look much in photos but in the flesh its superb.

Your getting hooked Nick, its the MV Robinson Trap next for you mate I can see it coming !

oldsoulrebel said...

Hi Nick,
great Moths, I especially like Angle Shades which is a common Moth, I'm don't think Canary Shouldered Thorn is common in our area, I've never actually had one, good photo's as well.

On the subject of MV's I'm getting very few Moths at the moment and the Actinic is winning hands down


Nick Carter said...

I often use the same arguement with birds, some of the so called common species are truly spectacular, just spend some time watch a close lapwing to see what I mean.

By the way is it a CS Thorn or one of the others?

Nick Carter said...

Sorry Martyn, we cross posted I think, CS Thorn it is, in birding terms a "lifer" for me!