Friday, 5 September 2008


Hi all
I don't suppose anyone could set up a Yahoo Group for this blog ? The idea behind this is that we could then have a free 100 MB files area for photos and a photo album section. The site does not really need to be used as a "chat" group as most are but would be very useful for building up an ID help via photos for lepidoptera (and other insects in Calderdale). Seems a shame to waste all the excellent photos posted by Charly, Darrell, Brian, etc, which can be difficult to find once off the front page. Just an idea from an expat :-))


oldsoulrebel said...

great idea that Paul, I'm not sure how to do it but I know someone who can


darrell j prest said...

i think its a great idea but i think google groups may be better

AndyC said...

i think you can add a gallery to the blogg,and when i get some time i will look into it.There have been some excellent photos and agree it would be goog to acsess them without backtracking all the time.The soil hill lads have one I think

Anonymous said...

I can set one up, or give instructions on how to, using Windows Spaces. This is how I did it for my blog which AC refers to. However, right now I am caught up in the throws of bereavement, so it won't be until next week.