Saturday, 21 March 2009

Gorpley Clough

Great tunrnout for March cheers everyone but More Moffers than moths on a very clear and cold night.
Total catch :-
Small quaker x 1
Clouded Drab x 1
March Moth x 1
Satellite x 3
Chestnut x 5
Twin Spot Quaker x 1


Nick Carter said...

Not many moths but a good night for us, three new species! Thanks to everyone for their help and good to meet you at last Winston!

Winston said...

Yes, and I you, just send some Mottled Greys down into the valley bottom will you please :-)


charlie streets said...

I'm gunna have to come on one of these spring field trips this year if any one's planning another. In over 5 years of mothing I've seen just one orthosia EVER, that was a Common Quaker 4 years ago. Although not the biggest fan of light traps it would be nice to see these moths in the flesh rather than just through other's photos.

AndyC said...

we are planning to go to Broadhead Clough in the next few weeks so will keep you posted .

Nick Carter said...

Watch out for the cattle grid!