Sunday, 1 March 2009

Midgley last night

Three moths up here last night, I reckon I can ID two of them, Dotted Border and Common Quaker (?) but the top one is puzzling me, can anyone help please? I'm not sure of the best way to approach ID, at the moment we're just flicking through the book hoping to latch onto something that looks right, is there a book that illustrates them in flight season order? just when you think you might have an ID you discover its flight period isn't until October or something!


charlie streets said...

Hi Nick,

The top one is March Moth appropriately enough.A lot of macro moths around now will be orthosia species so it's worth genning up on those for now.

I've found in IDing moths there's no substitute for experience and going out with experienced moth-ers and just keeping an eye on what other people are catching or finding at various times of the year.

Websites such as "back garden moths" is a good, friendly all round site which has experienced moffers on hand to ID your catches and also forums where you can post your topical photos and see what others are catching. Plus all manner of other wildlife (but mainly moth and butterfly) discussions.

And of course keeping an eye on this blog :-)

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Charlie, hope no-one objects to me posting these ID requests

charlie streets said...

Post away Nick. As with all branches of wildlife the more experienced folk always enjoy passing on their knowledge to the less experienced.

Moth ID-ing is a very steep learning curve but now is the best time to learn as there isn't the overwhelming numbers of moths compared to the summer months.

oldsoulrebel said...

well done Nick,

nothing at all here yet, come to think of it I've never had March Moth

Winston said...

Hi Nick

You are just down the road from me. I am on the Mytholmroyd edge of Hebden. You have got your 3 moths identified and we will be more than happy to id more. Charlie gives sound advice in his reply too.


AndyC said...

Hi Nick a good start indeed.I have added a link 'Yorkshire Butterflies'if you click on this and then 'On the wing'it gives you a load of photos of what is flying
this month in Yorkshire.

AndyC said...

Nick,here is a list of species recorded in Yorkshire in March.
Hebrew Character
Common Quaker
Clouded Drab
Early Grey
March Moth
Small Quaker
Dotted Border
Red Chestnut
Twin-spotted Quaker
Early Thorn
Pale Brindled Beauty
Shoulder Stripe
Oak Beauty
Brindled Pug
Early Moth
Yellow Horned
Pine Beauty
Mottled Grey
Double-striped Pug
Lead-coloured Drab
Angle Shades
Early Tooth-striped
Water Carpet
Pale Pinion
Powdered Quaker
Red Sword-grass
Orange Underwing
Red-green Carpet
Dark Chestnut
Oak Nycteoline
Grey Shoulder-knot
Spring Usher
Tawny Pinion
Autumn Green Carpet
Purple Thorn
Bright-line Brown-eye
Poplar Hawk-moth
Ruby Tiger
Pale Mottled Willow
(thanks Charles F.yorks moths)