Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pine Beauty, better picture.

This chap was still hanging round tonight so managed to get a better photo.


Winston said...

Nick, there are people going green in the valley bottom down here!


charlie streets said...

Cracking little moth that one.Not one I've seen before.

Sometimes with moths that hold their wings up in a "tectiform" position or roof life, rather than flat, it's sometimes better to photograph from the side so you get the whole of one wing wing in focus and in this case you would also see the incredibly hairy head and thorax better (feel free to tell me to mind my own business :-))

AndyC said...

Another tip is with the Quaker or 'difficult species'is to take them next to a ruler or post a measurmet of the size. Top moth Pine Beauty its turning up some good stuff that actinic and its only April.!!!!!

Nick Carter said...

Good advice Charlie, thanks. All tips greatly received.