Sunday, 3 May 2009


In the garden yesterday

1 Green veined white
1 Common blue

Lat nights moth trap
1 Hebrew character
1 Clouded drab
(both slightly soggy after the downpour about 4.30am)


Nick Carter said...

One Early Grey was all we could manange last night.

Winston said...

yes, that was a downpour. Just a Powdered Quaker in a soggy mornings trap for me.


oldsoulrebel said...

Scalloped Hazel and three Early Grey here for me


AndyC said...

Did you see the Common Blue well ,its a good time for Holly Blue at the moment and a tad early for Common.??

Chris said...


I only saw the blue for about 30 seconds as it flew in the garden. Only thing I could pick out really was the colour and the smallish size.
I just presumed it would be a Common Blue, but will settle for Holly Blue (a new one for me).