Monday, 1 June 2009

Recent Midgley Moths

Poplar Hawk
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Small square Spot
Clouded bordered Brindle
Rustic Shoulder Knot
Flame Shoulder
Common Carpet
Scalloped Hazel
Common White Wave
White Ermine
Buff Ermine
Flame Carpet
Small Phoenix

Mainly singles of each.

Was in woodland in Cragg Vale this evening and had what we are pretty sure was a Blood Vein.


Nick Carter said...

Stop press! Just been out to check the trap and discovered a Green Silver Lines on the sheet, another "lifer"!!

AndyC said...

Get back down and get a photo of Blood vein ,very rarely recorded in calerdale if ever.????

Nick Carter said...

We can check this out on Thursday, its possible we might have made a mistake as the moth was seen at rest through binoculars, looked fairly good but didn't see a strong trailing edge (although to be fair at that time we didn't know to look for it), are there possible commoner confusion species?

oldsoulrebel said...

a good selection of Moths that Nick, I've never has White Ermine in the garden


brian leecy said...

Hi Nick/Sandra,blood vein would be great record,was it an area with beech trees,im thinking clay triple lines,which would also be great record !all the best bri.

Nick Carter said...

We've been back tonight in the hope we might refind one, nothing doing I'm afraid but we did have a White Pinion Spotted. Don't think it was Clay Triple Lines, the moth was paler with a very obvious dark line right across both wings, it also had the noticeable triangular wedge on the trailing edge of each wing. Sandra even commented it looked a bit "Swallow tail" like because of this. To be honest we haven't seen anything in the books etc that makes us think it wasn't a Blood Vein but would like to see one again in that area before we claim the record, perhaps on Thursday?!

The area was wooded and there are Beech trees slightly further up the valley, according to what we have read Blood Vein feeds on Dock and Sallow, don't think there is either in that area so that worries us a bit.

brian leecy said...

white pinion spotted is a brill record .bri.

Nick Carter said...

I'll send a photo to make sure we've got it right!