Monday, 15 June 2009

Whiteholme Drain,15 06 09

Hi all,got 2 of these superb olethreutes schulziana from heather near whiteholme drain,and a cracking male northen eggar landed near where i was sat sarnies and flask went everywhere ! got two other interesting micros to i d yet.all the best Bri.


charlie streets said...

Inspiration stuff as usual Brian. I keep meaning to get off my bum and go looking for Northern Eggars up Norland - is it unusual to see them at rest or is it just a case of following them until they settle?

You need to get yourself some photo editing software and get that blade of grass cloned out :-) Or I could do it if you think it's worth it?

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Brian
I have never seen an M Oak Egger here on the Llyn in daylight only at light (F&M)but regularly saw M Northern Eggers when out and about on the tops in Calderdale. I have seen Drinker and Fox Moth during the day whilst about on the Peninsular though.

My various wounds have healed sufficently for me to have a trip out down the coast today, Sadly though it will be larvae or photos only as I cannot yet grip a net. There are loads of grass moth spp around here at the moment but I cannot catch the buggers to see what they are !

brian leecy said...

Hi Charlie, i saw 2 yesterday actually on the ground ,those are the 1st ones,usually they tear about in fast zigzag fashion,and you watch them go out of sight,i flushed 1 off a rock,cursing that i wouldnt get many chances like that ! the sky went black,maybe why they settled.ive got a few pics one with wings open,i dont really want to go down that route,i just remember it as it was.all the best Bri.