Friday, 3 July 2009

Cunnery Wood/Shibden.last night

Let the Puss moth cats go in the wood last night.Again a good turn out with Straw Dot(4)Snouts (20+)Light emeralds(30+)Green Oak Tortrix,July High Flyer,Geen Pug(4) and Carpet(5)Poplar hawkmoth,Purple Clay(6)Clouded silver,Clouded Border,Brimstone (20+)Just a few highlights.


Nick Carter said...

Amazing to see how quickly the cats had grown whilst you were looking after them for us, your Sallow must be full of steroids!! We still have one cat here in Midgley but will be releasing it this weekend, last chance for anyone who wants a look at this spectacular beast.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Guys
You should really have kept a couple of the cats to watch them spin up on dead wood. They are almost impossible to find in the wild as they blend in with the tree truck (see Brians photo). All you need to do is put a piece of dead wood, say a six inch piece of dead wood into its container and leave the lavae to pupate.

AndyC said...

Hi Paul,
I still have the two runts(which are doing very well now),has it got to be sallow or will any wood do.?also do I need to put soil in with it or just more leaves.Nick you can have um back if you want to do it.

AndyC said...

Martyn...I pretty certain I had the Uncertain last night ,will post a pic when I can.

Nick Carter said...

No need thanks Andy we still have one

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

When the cats show the usual signs of getting ready to pupate. ie turn purplish and start a wandering its the time to put in the wood. Just put some suitably sized pieces of bark or some pieces of dry but breaking up dead wood and leave the larvae to it. They spin a hard cocoon around themselves and the bark/wood and then pupate inside. I think the spinning is camouflaged with chewed wood and bark so it blends in. If you can catch all this happening so much the better. Andy you could perhaps combine a few video shots and take some stills. As far as I am aware no one has filmed the cats doing the cocoon making. I am sure Ian Kimber would be delighted with some stills for his website.

Before I go, does anyone else want some to try this ? I have loads left but will be releasing them in the next day or two. Sue can easilty transport some back to Yorkshire after the weekend.

Cangrande said...

I reared some puss moth cats when I was a kid and panicking somewhat 'cos I hadn't collected any bark o r wood when the first one was ready to pupate, put in a large cork, think it was for a storage jar or something. It pupated and emerged successfully,was interesting to see the casing clearly defined against the smooth surface of the cork. Perhaps not to be recommended! (though I think some old textbook or another did suggest cork as an alternative to bark etc).

Chris said...

I called into Cunnery Wood this morning and the caterpillaers were making a real feast of the sallow. Hopefully we will be able to find them on the branches/truck as they pupate.

oldsoulrebel said...

you certain about the Uncertain Andy,
last night I had

Don't Know
Might Be
Not Very Certain
and a few God Knows

great night in Cunnery Woods


brian leecy said...

Hi all,sorry i couldnt make field trip,sounds a good night,hopefully see you all on next one.

Winston said...

I have some time off at last next week if anyone is out on a field trip?