Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Puss moths

Went into Cunnery Wood today with the naughty children brigade. Happily the puss moths are doing well, they have striped 2 or 3 branches of the sallow and are still growing in size. If anyone can get a video of them eating it would be well worth it. We counted 7 of them is that the number that were released? and will they spin their cocoons on the sallow itself of waddle off and find another piece of wood - just wanted to know so we don't trim back where they are.#


Nick Carter said...

If I remember correctly there were 12 to begin with, I think Andy C has kept two and we have one so that should mean 9 were released. To be honest it was dark when they went so i can't be sure exactly how many there were.

AndyC said...

yes it was 9,the two I kept are growing very large and looking very grand,Withens Clough car park thursday night anyone.????