Monday, 3 August 2009

Last night in Pellon

A good night here was unfortunatley dominated by Large Yellow Underwings. Also good numbers of Early Thorn around at the mo, 8 last night was more than I've had in the last three years combined,

Garden Dart 1 first this year
Large Yellow Underwing 86
Lesser Yellowunderwing 2
Lesser Broad Bordered Y U 4
Dark Arches 22
Scalloped Oak 16
Brimstone 2
Garden Carpet 5
Common Carpet 1
Snout 3
Common Wainscot 1
Smoky Wainscot 3
Riband Wave 6
Clouded Border 1
V- Pug 1
Marbled Minor 1
Slender Brindle 2
Marbled Beauty 6
Mottled Beauty 2
Willow Beauty 3
Plain Golden Y 2
Silver Y 2
Gothic 3
Dunbar 2
Lesser / Common Rustic 7
Clay 2
Early Thorn 8

get those traps out tonight, the forecast is for a warm humid night, should be good



Winston said...

good numbers Martyn


Andy Greaves said...

the warm humid conditions seem to have turned into a bit of a downpour..hope the improvised rainshield i've knocked up works ok.

oldsoulrebel said...

fingers crossed for dry weather Andy, what kind of trap is it?


Andy Greaves said...

Hi Maryn, it's a rather ramshackle actinic (I fink) lent to me by Andy C. Unfortunately my makeshift shelter did collapse last night and pulled out one of the battery connections..only found a soggy lacewing fly and (inevitably) two large yellow underwings.