Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Last night Midgley

A few more moths last night to increase our enthusiasm including Common White Wave (?) and Least Yellow Underwing, UK moths says the latter occurs mainly in the southern half of Britain so have we dropped a "moth ball"?

Others were

Small Phoenix 1
Lesser/Common Rustic 4
Large Yellow Underwing 44
Clouded Bordered Brindle 1
Marbled Beauty 3
Common Wainscot 4
Burnished Brass 1
Ruby Tiger 1

We also had the top photo which we aren't sure of, is it a micro or White Line Snout?


oldsoulrebel said...

looks good for Least YU Nick, not many about but we get a few, yes Common White Wave, not sure about the micro though


Mick and Kath Sharpe said...

could the micro be Eudonia mercurella . Looks like it to me but Im no expert.

Andy Greaves said...

yep, I'd say Eudonia Mercurella, on the basis of a moth Charlie identified for me a few days back (trawl back through the posts a bit and you'll see it), this seems a clearer example to my untutored eye!

Nick Carter said...

Thanks chaps, I think we'll give the micros a miss for a while yet, still struggling with some of the macros to be honest!