Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A good night 1 & 2

Canary Shoulered Thorn

Sallow Kitten

Scarce Silver Lines
Loads of moths last night with over 200 Yellow Underwing types including a record count of 18 LBBYU's for me, Sallow kitten(an excellent year for this species locally),Scarce Silver lines,Lesser Swallow prominent,Phoneix,Small Phoneix,Campion,Burnished Brass,Snout,Antler,willow beauty,Flounced rustic ,Square Spot Rustic ,Small Square spot Rustic,Ypsolopha sequella,Stigmella sp and a whole\host of micros for id.
Canary s.Thhorn,Gothic,Spectacle(latest by 9 days),Dunbar,Brimstone,and 2 very nice Ypsolopha Scabrella


oldsoulrebel said...

a big night here as well Andy, not much in the way of variety though, 2 Sallow were the best,


Mick and Kath Sharpe said...

Had our first Kitten last night and our first Sallow. Loads of underwings but very little in variety .The Kitten laid plenty of eggs if anyone wants them

Nick Carter said...

We got a Sallow too!!

Andy Greaves said...

Wow! It's been good down here too, really interesting experience having a light trap. Slightly disappointed that I get hardly any 'micros' (which I'd like to find out more about) and relatively few pugs, geometridae etc, so far anyway. Have a theory it's something to do with the dynamics of the trap..I'll shut up now.

AndyC said...

British Moths and Butterflies a photographic guide By Chris Manley is an excellent starter book for micro's.

Nick Carter said...

Don't forget Paul's site for books