Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Hi all this is a sample of Nick and Sandras records(thanks )and the easiest way for me to copy them on to map mate,Thanks
Ive added a link to the maps that are created from all over the UK .Nick theres one for Arran carpet is that where you were.???


martynbirder said...

I've not got mine in that kind of format so I'll get stuck in and get them typed up

Nick Carter said...

Excellent maps Andy, a very interesting link. The dots for Arran Carpet aren't from where we were as we were on the mainland. I would be interested in what any of the Scottish moffers you mentioned think of it, probably likely to turn out to be CMC or DMC, I believe Arran Carpet isn't even considered a species by some authorities merely a race of DMC.

AndyC said...

Nick a reply from the western isles recorder ------

I'm certainly no expert on these and I've always used the underwing pattern to distinguish them so unfortunately I can't help you with this one. It seems that most (if not all) people seem to lump Arran with Common Marbled Carpet now.Thanks Steve
always worth cheqing these things

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Andy, interesting stuff.