Sunday, 28 February 2010

Jailhole 27th feb

Met with Bri last night and we headed for jailhole,last week it was below freezing and covered with snow ,so with great optimism we set off up the moor, there was still snow on the ground in places but the wind was light and a cloudy sky kept the temp above freezing.We scaled the quarry and found 21 Anomalous larvae 12 green form and 9 brown form,, size rang 1cm to aprox 13mm,also 2 large yellow underwing larva green form,and 2 prob Square Spot Rustic larva all feeding after dark on Wavy Hairgrass.
I was amazed to see so many larvae out in the open in late February(good old Tutt) it took only 90 mins to find all 25 larvae.A brilliant night and look forward to going back soon.Many thanks to Brian


AndyC said...

Bri could you e-mail me the pic of the large brown larvae,you took ,ta

brian leecy said...

Yes Andy,its on its way,hopefully !you can actually see how its taking the outer surface off the grass if you zoom in a bit,i always assumed they just munched the stem right down ! you learn sumat all the time.cheers Bri.