Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jailhole,25 02 10

Thought id have a look for Anomalous Larva,although light rain,it was above freezing and most of snow cleared,found 10 larva,6 brown and 4 green forms,ranging in size from aprox 1cm to 12 mm,only saw 2 green forms near each other,the rest widly of both colour forms.regards Bri.

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brian leecy said...

Me and Andy had a search for Anomalous larva on 27 02 10,quite mild and overcast,we found 12 green and 9 brown forms in size rang 1cm to aprox 13mm,also 2 large yellow underwing larva green form,and 2 prob Square Spot Rustic larva all feeding after dark on Wavy Hairgrass,all the best Bri /Andy