Monday, 1 March 2010

395 glyphipterix haworthana larval cases 28 02 10

Heres a couple of pics of 2 larval cases, checked 7 larval spinnings 2 had larval cases with larva inside,1 larva per seedhead.cases were aprox 7mm.hope this makes sense all the best Bri,ps larvas head can be made out on lower case right side.


charlie streets said...

I meant to look for this species this winter at Norland after your success last year Bri, but now all the seeds have dispersed I can't even find the cotton grass - dohh!

I'll have to make a precise note of where good stands of the grass are so I can locate them NEXT year.

Everything's going wrong so far this year on the moth front, I hope things pick up soon :-(

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Unless you can see the seedheads you wont find this species anyway. Most moorland around Calderdale has Cotton Grass so its simply a case of looking out for the by now mucky off white seedheads. The moorland around Blackstone Edge is very good for this species if you can make it up there through the snow drifts :-))

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Charlie
Aplolgies mate, I meant to add to the last comment that your blog is superb. Well done, its a credit to your field craft and photography skills.

Have you had any more luck with bagworms ? Im still struggling to find these here and they should be common I suspect.

charlie streets said...

Hi Paul, I found a few patches of Cotton Grass up Norland last year so I thought it would be easy to re-locate them this winter - I obviously didn't think it through very well! I might have a wander up today as it looks set to be fine and mild although needle in a haystack springs to mind!!

I haven't looked for bagworms since last spring and had no success then but I'll keep an eye out for them.

Glad you like the blog Paul,it was good fun setting it up and using all those features and gadgets.It's hardly UK moths but I thought it would be of interest to local folk for them to see what's around and how I came by the different species.