Thursday, 18 March 2010


Hi everybody. I have been dormant for some time. Frozen in on the Rochdale canal! My 4th winter on the canal so far and it stands alone as completely different to all the previous ones. Anyway, really thawing this week. Put trap out for first time last night (17th March) and the following gathered...
Chestnut 5
March Moth 3
Yellow Horned 1
Common Quaker 3
Dotted Border 1
Total - 13
Very pleased with the dotted border as this species has eluded the lens every year so for one reason or another.

Also went through the fallingroyd tunnel 2 days ago - 4 Heralds. probably more as I couldn't stop to look properly. Winston


Nick Carter said...

Cheers Winston, welcome back, did you have to eat the Huskies?

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

AndyC said...

Nice one winston a good haul for your first outing here in Northowram-
Hebrew Character x2
Chestnut x2
Common Quaker x1
Pale B Beauty x 1
march Moth x 2
Pale Pinion x 1
agonoptrix arnella x 2
Tortricodes alternella x 3

brian leecy said...

Hi Win,Yellow Horned are always good uns,small quaker and Mottled Grey were the pick last night at meadows edge,good mothing Bri.