Saturday, 20 March 2010

Keep the Faith

After the longest coldest winter in living memory at last we have had a couple of warm days.So far this week,
Oak Beauty x 1
Red Sword Grass x1
Pale Pinion x 2
Pale brindled Beauty x2
common Quaker x 5
hebrew Character x 3
March Moth x 3
Satellite x 2
Chestnut x 5
Went with Bri last night up Langfield looking for larvae and found 25 + Clouded Bordered Brindle ,1 lesser yellow underwing and 4 brown and 5 Green form of Anomalous larvae.


brian leecy said...

Some great moths there Andy.ive got the 2 large plant pots set up with anomalous larva 5 green in 1,6 brown in tuther,see what happens.

martynbirder said...

your doing a bit better than me Andy, here's a list of my Moths

Common Quaker 1