Saturday, 17 April 2010

Historical records from 1924/5

Recived a load of old records via winston the other day and have just had time to have a look at them.Realy great stuff about sugaring in the Tod /Hebden area 85 years ago, and were still at it.??? There is refernce to sugaring stones on the moor tops and a few sightings of Wood Tiger.Here is the list below of sugaring in hardcastle craggs near the stepping stones on a cloudy 28th june evening in 1924.
Galium carpet x 2
Bordered White (many males and 12 females)
Clouded B Brindle
Welsh wave - many
Broken barred Carpet - several
Small Rivulet x 1
Shears x 1
Flame Carpet x 1
Map winged Swift x 1
Common Swift x many


Winston said...

andy. thanks for digging out the detail in these records. Surprise! I have just been given another batch!. Win

AndyC said...

They take a bit of sorting as the latin names have changed but its great to read,the one about sugaring stones on the moors is a good idea.