Sunday, 18 April 2010

Historical records from 1945

1945 was said to be a 'Plusia' year in the Hebden valley, taken at ' Light'were Gold Spot,Burnished Brass,Golden Plusia Lesser Yellow underwing ,Clouded Magpie and Snout.It may be noted that 'Light' consisted of an open kitchen window with a 150 watt bulb on a white kitcen table,The Naturalist 1945 p154.Gibson,Mills and Sunderland


Winston said...

hi Andy. keep posting the findings from these records. very interesting and as I said I have more! Win

AndyC said...

I have sorted out all the ones you sent me,there were a lot of plant and mollusca records should I send them to the HxSS.? there is a recipe for sugaring using Black treacle ,Amyl acetate and Rum...!!!! and breeding records of Coxcombe ,Iron and Lesser Swallow Prominents from the Elland parish' Breeding Magpie lots of Grey Moutain Carpet records.