Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Monday Night in Hebden

Hi all. A good night on the Rochdale Canal last night.

I am pretty sure this is A. acanthadactyla (A new species for me) as it's a more red-brown colour and less speckled than its close relative A. punctidactyla which also seems to have a more southern distribution. (Charlie, what do you think as I recal you having this one once). I have also included pictures of possibly the lightest Clouded Drab I have seen and a very nicely marked Twin-spotted Quaker.

Amblyptilia acanthadactyla 1
Twin-spotted Quaker 1

Diurnea fagella 1

Chestnut 9
Clouded Drab 2

Common Quaker 14

Total - 28 moths


charlie streets said...

Yep,I'd happily have that down as acanthadactyla.Not much else it can be at this time of year.There's a pic of mine on my blog although it's a bit more worn than yours Win.

AndyC said...

It might be a very early Powdered Quaker...???Was it much larger than the commons.?Yes for acanthadactyla.

martynbirder said...

a great night that Winston, still quiet up here with 1 Hebrew and the Red-green Carpet that keeps appearing at night

Winston said...

Thanks Charlie, Andy. an interesting plume moth.
Andy if you look at the outermost cross line (or where it should be) there are the 3 darker blotches which I always associate with Clouded drab. Although looking at W & T just now this is not mentioned as a diagnostic characteristic?