Friday, 9 April 2010

Trapping in Knott Wood

Hi all,

do we have a date for going trapping in Knott Wood next week?

I am free all days appart from tuesday.

I also now finally have a net!



martynbirder said...

I can do either this Saturday or Sunday, I'm at work the rest of the week


Winston said...

hi martyn I am busy this weekend! doh.

Winston said...

Looking like Wednesday which might be a cloudy night?

Winston said...

I have arranged to meet with Brian on Thursday night at Knott wood (also gather you are meeting up on Sunday night too) great. see you sun on Thu or both!


AndyC said...

Brian is definatly going up on sunday night ,I am going to try and make it but may be a little late.?I will try and make thursdat if poss.

Winston said...
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Winston said...

Great. Hopefully Thats 4 for thursday . Me Brian, andy (possibly) and my daughter (Maisy Moffer).Win. P.S. Will try for sun but may be a bit knackered