Friday, 21 May 2010

Bits and bobbs

Cat found in the folded leaves of billberry about 15mm (July highflyer)
micro.???? (Caloptilia syringella.)

Cat found on birch at knott wood any ideas.?? (mottled umber)

Loads of these Cat s found in lawnmower Lep.?? (white shouldered house moth)

Tinea trinotella found in back garden this week along with laburnum leaf miner.Spruce carpet,red green carpet,Small phoneix,Clouded silver,Scalloped Hazel,Buff ermine,Yellow barred brindle,flame/ shoulder/carpet,pale sh brocade, and Rustic shoulder Knot were new for the trap last nite

Also 25+ Green veined whites,2 green Hairstreak and 10 orange tips today near Hebden.


charlie streets said...

Hi Andy,

Trinotella looks a nice find - I'll have to get some more old bird's nests next year and try my luck.

Your cat looks like Mottled Umber to me.Size would help though.

A side photo of your lawnmower cats would make it easier to tell if they are moth larvae.

As I'm rearing some Leucoptera spartifoliella pupae I was wondering if they are separable from Laburnum Leaf Miners without dissection as the info I've looked at just says they are "similar".

AndyC said...

Thanks Charlie Mottled umber looks bang on.It all goes a bit crazy from now on.Will get some more pics of lawnmower cats and post later.

AndyC said...

went back to lawnmower today and found it full of white sh house moths ,have to keep an eye on that lawnmower.??

charlie streets said...

Andy, I think your Bilberry larva is July Highflier and your micro Caloptilia syringella.

Your lawnmower cat looks spot on for WSHM.

Had a go at sugaring Bankhouse wood last night and zilch! No doubt you'll have a bumper night tonight with this muggy weather - good luck!

AndyC said...

I allways find that it takes a few nights sugaring the same tree before you get any moths.Keep going youll get some soon.