Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mothing evening with Ogden Wildlife WATCH group

On Saturday 5th June the Ogden Water Wildlife WATCH group are visiting Shibden Park and Cunnery Wood, meeting in the car park at 9pm for a short walk to look for bats and then into Cunnery Wood to have a look see if we can see any moths. Andy has kindly agreed to run the trap in the nursery area from 9.30pm and hopefully we can see more moths than we did the other day. We hope to get into Cunnery Wood about 9.45pm/10pm depending on the number of bats that we encounter.

Just as a bit of back groups the WATCH group is run for children and meets once a month at Ogden Water, we tend to look at all things environmental, from hedgehogs to trees, pond life to birds. It is a way of getting younger people interested and hopefully caring about their local environment. We also run trips out so have been to Jerusalem Farm, Cromwell Bottom and Robin Hoods Bay in the past. Many of the group have visited Cunnery Wood before to look for wildflowers but this is something different with the visit occurring at night. The kids will be accompanied by their parents/guardians and members of the Countryside Service and volunteers who are the leaders for the group will also be there.

If anyone would like to join us, especially for the identification of the hundreds of moths that we will surely get (fingers, toes and everything else crossed) then please feel free to do so.


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