Wednesday, 19 May 2010

wanderings this week

Hi all, been working in Manchestr and Leicester this week and came across about 30 caterpillars climbing to the tops of birch saplings to pupate. I think these are Burnets of some kind and were found on some waste ground near the Trafford Centre along with this Caloptilia elongella/betulicola. Yesterday in the sun near Junct 21 of the M1 (Leicester) I saw Speckled Wood and Orange Tip and swarms of 150 Adela reaumurella

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Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Winston....There is a very good article in the British Wildlife Magazine from a few years back on Burnett larvae with excellant illustrations (by Lewington I think. I think you can view some of the old issues online at

Incidently its a superb 6 issues a year magazine focusing entirely on British Wildlfe and very reasonable at around £18 a year including postage. There is a review of moths in each issue by Paul Waring. I have every volume published since its start around 1990 and its superb resource to look back over and looks cool as I get each issue bound each year.

Not done any moffing as such here yet but we are up to 10 species of Butterfly for the year so far and see Adder, Grass Snake (including 1 huge female between 3 & 4 feet in length !), Common Lizard, Slow Worm, Common Toad, Frog and Smooth Newt