Friday, 4 June 2010

Elland gravel Pits Last night(Wainscot night)

Common Waiscot
Looper ??

Silky Wainscot

Silky wainscot
Met with Bri last night at EGP and went looking for Southern wainscot larvae ,we had a quick walk acrooss tag meadow which produced 100's of Burnet moth cocoons and 3/4 straw dots and a lot of Crambus sp.Silver Ground Carpets were in good numbers and a Herald caught in the net was a bonus.Entering the reed bed we found the looper on Phragmites (??}above and immediatly found what I think was a southern waiscot larvae but as i tried to pot it it fell to the ground never to be seen again(drat).We then found what we think is a Silky waiscot which will be a first for calderdale if confirmed(carnt think what else it could be).The other cat looks like Common Wainscot.

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Winston said...

nice work gentlemen. Win