Monday, 19 July 2010

Anomalous update,18 07 10

Hi all,14 3 10 i planted up 2 large plant pots with a clump of wavy hairgrass in each and covered both with very fine mesh,after methodically checking for any other larva/predators in the grass/soil below.18 3 10, 6 brown form larva and 5 green form were collected from Jailhole by me/Andy,size range was 10/13mm,and placed in pots seperated by colour.both pots being kept outdoors at meadows edge garden checking at night they were feeding ok.on 03 04 10, pot A, 4 out of the 5 green form had turned brown ! pot B, 4 out of the 6 seen were the same brown colour.on 23 04 10,pot A,1 green larva still feeding at about 26mm,pot B,1 brown larva restless,indicating probably close to going underground to pupate,as hopefully all the others had ! it will be interesting to see which sex comes out of which pot.heres pic of pupa and cocoon,which was a fragile case of soil 15mm long opened up,pupa 1cm long,i cm below ground aprox,checked on 19 06 10.all the best Baffled/Bewildered Bri.


AndyC said...

Looking forward to the results..???/

nickdawtrey said...

Hi Brian being trying to get in touch by phone but no luck. Can you give me a call asap.
Cheers Nick.