Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dark Green Fritillary(Only House wood Northowram)

Today about 2.30 I noticed a large orange butterfly feeding on thistle heads about 20 feet from where i was stood ,unfortunatly there was a large barrbed wire fence between me and the butterfly,as luck would have it, the strong wind was bowing my way the butterfly was heading straight for me as it took off.I netted it with one swoop I could see the large orange butterfly was a beautiful male Dark green fritillary(seen many times before in Cornwall)curved lower wing eliminating Comma.bad luck again with the barrbed wire as the net was stuck and the fritillary was escaping and I could not get it free. I watched it fly off about 30 feet away and despite looking for at least an hour it was not seen again.Also seen :-
Comma 7
Gatekeeper 28 (a pair in cop pic above)
Meadow Brown 40+
Small copper 3
Small Heath 2
Small skipper 6
Small White 5
Small Tortoiseshell 3
Speckled Wood 1

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brian leecy said...

Good local record Andy,nice 1.