Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Heath Royd last couple of nights

A few new ones for me over the weekend given that it's my first year with a trap! Several nights produced amongst the more common;

33 Scalloped Oaks
12 Dun-bars
1 Phoenix
1 Burnished Brass
1 True Lovers Knot
3 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
1 Early Thorn
2 Copper Underwings
1 V-Pug
1 Grey Chi
7 Mother of Pearl
1 Dark Spectacle

Several of the above chilling in the fridge waiting for photo shoot! Told off by her indoors for filling one shelf with moths so had a clear out tonight! Have what looks like a Small Quaker in the fridge but it was a bit lively earlier so couldn't get a decent shot. Is it a bit late or would it simply be part of a second batch?



AndyC said...

Sean Ive added a photo to help with your copper underwing identification,you should be able to do this with your magnifing glass.If in any doubt just record them as copper undwg agg..Your small quaker type matbe one of the smaller rustics..

Tony Morris said...

I managed to get an old fridge and keep it in the garage, It's all mine (except at Christmas) so no more nagging about moths in fridge!

charlie streets said...

It's interesting to see what you're catching Sean as I'm just the other side of Manor Heath from you.One or two species there I've yet to see (although that's not saying much!!).