Sunday, 15 August 2010


Got the new Skinner trap working with an MBT lamp, had one of our best catches last night, 131 moths of 20 species as follows

Brimstone 1

Smoky Wainscot 3

Mother of Pearl 2

Antler Moth 4

Large Yellow Underwing 81

Lesser Yellow Underwing 2

Lesser broad bordered Yellow Underwing 4

Small fan footed Wave 1

Rosy Minor 2

Middle barred Minor 1

Dark Arches 9

Common Rustic agg 14

Burnished Brass 1

Dunbar 1

Six striped Rustic 1

Straw Dot 1

Square Spot Rustic 1

Plain Golden Y 1

Carpet sp? (see photo)

Heavily worn unknown (see top photo)
Any help with these last two greatly appreciated!
Other highlight of the night was the sudden appearance of 5 escaped Saddleback Pigs round the trap, quite a thing this new trap!!


brian leecy said...

top 1s a bit worn,carpet is a twin spotted,pigs must be a 1st for calderdale if not yorkshire !!!

Nick Carter said...

One things for sure Pigs are easier than Pugs! Having said that we have photos if anyone wants to check the ID :)

martynbirder said...

good amount of Moths that Nick,pretty much the same here

Early Thorn
Common Carpet
Lesser Yellow Underwing 2
Large Yellow Underwing 94
Lesser BB Yellowunderwing 4
Common Rustic 10
Smoky Wainscot 1
Six Striped Rustic 2
Dark Arches 4
Brimstone 1
Square Spot Rustic 1
Canary Shouldered Thorn 1
Dunbar 1
Scalloped Oak 1
July Highflyer 1

AndyC said...

Nice to see youve got some moths Nick and sandra,will have to pop round to see it in action should be getting Anomalous any time now...