Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mothing in Luddenden

I've now been in Luddenden five weeks but have only just got back online, the Mothing is pretty good, highlights include

Scarce Silver Y
Large Emerald
Canary-shouldered Thorn
Single Dotted Wave
Small Dotted Buff
Lempke's Gold Spot (lots) among many other goodies

last night 3rd August

Small Rivulet
Small Fan-footed Wave
Common Carpet
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 5
Small Dotted Buff
Dunbar 4
Large Yelow Underwing 151
Antler Moth
Marbled Minor
Scalloped Oak 3
Common Rustic 22
Dark Arches 8
Marbled Beaty 3
Dotted Clay 2
Common Footman 3 (hundreds of these this year)
The Sallow

also have a few caterpillars growing including this one below that span a cocoon the next day, is it Emperor Moth ?

Northern Eggar

Knot Grass (from egg - Pellon)

Small Angle Shades 4 weeks old ( from egg - Pellon)

Buff Ermine 6 weeks old (from egg - Pelllon)

Fox Moth now 8 weeks old ( from egg - Pellon)

Fox Moth - shedded Skin

Beautiful Yellow Underwing

Angle Shades 4 week old ( from egg Pellon)

Angle Shades 4 week old ( from egg Pellon from same egg batch as above )


Nick Carter said...

Welcome back!
Cracking photos Martyn got a new camera?

brian leecy said...

Martyn,that cat is Emperor,that n eggar cat looks like another Fox cat to me ? you have seen some good moths there,scarce silver y and blackneck are belters,looks like you are getting to grips with that Tamron 90 macro,nice and sharp.Bri.

brian leecy said...

Think you are right with Northern Eggar cat,Martyn,to many late nights !!

martynbirder said...

it's a big un Brian, about 4 inches long!

I thought it was Emperor just looks a lot darker than in the book, I've also got another Cocoon here's hoping for a pair