Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wall Brown

There were two Wall browns in the garden today,along with 2 Small whites and 1 Meadow brown.They seem pretty scarce these days has any one else seen them this year.?


charlie streets said...

I had one on 31st of May 2005 at N.Dean meadow - not seen one since!

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Andy
I was chatting with a county moth recorder last week (forget which county) and he was surprised how many Wall Browns he had seen on his holiday on the Llyn. Seems its in decline in most areas.

Early sightings here were sparse despite the good early summer. I now see it as a regular on my walkes with up to a couple of dozen individuals seen over a couple of hours walking along the coast or lanes. Gatekeeper is around in huge numbers this year with huge size variations amongst them. Its not unusual to see over a hundred or more on a two hour walk.

Quite a few Silver Y around here also at the moment (well at least until the predicted gales and rain hit tomorrow) busy feeding on heather.

AndyC said...

Had a look down CB for wall today with no luck,Im sure they used to be on tag loop.? Silver Y,Gatekeeper,Common Wave ,Speckled wood,Small Heath,Small White and Meadow Brown.

brian leecy said...

most i saw was 6,near pexwood road area of Todmorden.early Aug this year.