Monday, 27 September 2010

Cracking Nights

Autumn Green Carpet(1),Grey Pine Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Barred sallow,Blairs Shoulder Knot(3)Black rustic(5)Shuttle shaped Dart ,LYU , Common Marbled carpet ,Lunar Underwing ,Feathered Ranunculus(1)Light Brown apple Moth,Garden Rose Tort(3) Acleris Lat /Com....
A real night in Northowram with overcast skies and light drizzle and max temp of 12.

Common Marbled carpet(7)red line Quaker(1)Dark arches(1)Mouse Moth(1)Blairs
Shoulder Knot(14)Black rustic(6)Set heb Character(1)Large YU(4)Lesser
YU(1)Frosted orange(1)Pink Barred sallow(1)Common wainscot(1)Garden carpet(1)Red
Green carpet(1)Autumn Green carpet(1)Flounced Chestnut(1)Dark Sword
grass(1)Light Brown apple Moth(1)Garden Rose tort(1)Lunar Underwing(1)Barred
sallow and a Turnip Moth (thanks CF)

1 comment:

brian leecy said...

You have a top garden there Andy,some brill moths.