Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dragonflies for sale

I have a mint, unread, soft-back copy of the New Naturalist title "Dragonflies" by Corbet & Brooks up for grabs if anyone is interested


AndyC said...

european or British species,,and how much

TheBaldIbis said...

It's not a field guide Andy. It's number 106 in the New Naturalist series (2008). The earlier one that Corbett did with Longfield and Moore in 1960 (#41 in the series) sells for up to £450 for a first edition copy.
This book deals with the ecology of the British Species....habitat selection...egg development...larvae survival...larval development and life...foraging behaviour..breeding behaviour....odonatology in UK...list of UK species....collecting and photographing dragonflies...SSSI distribution maps...with several colour photos.

I've just got a hardback copy, so I'm selling this for £21 which is what it cost me.

List price was £25 and postage £4.50 on top of that (It's a thick tome). Hardback is listed at £45.