Sunday, 5 September 2010

Knottwood 04 09 10

antler 5,flounced chestnut 17,dark arches 2,dunbar 4,autumnal rustic 4,square spot rustic 11,copper underwing 3,yellow shell 2,large yellow underwing 12,heath rustic 1,small autumnal moth 1,clouded border 2,lesser yellow underwing 3,july highflier 2,garden carpet 1,riband wave 1,suspected 2,lssr broad bordered yellow underwng 2,common marbled carpet 2,dark marbled carpet 2,lesser swallow prominent 1,also 1159 holly tortrix ? and either 853 ancampsis blattariella/a populella ? top small autumnal moth,2nd heath rustic and bottom flounced chestnut.regards Bri,Andy,Martyn,Marolyn.

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