Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Request for speakers from Hx. Scientific. Soc.

If there are any entomologists who might enjoy giving a short talk to the Society we have recently lost our ex-member Roy Crossley, who has finally decided the journeys from York are getting too much. It's fair comment. I wouldn't fancy travelling to York just for the evening. He has been very gracious to us over the years and taught us a lot, starting many on a lifelong interest in insects, if not the dedicated specialism to one group that he has (flies).

Any talk does not have to be a full-scale university level lecture. An hour or less, even half an hour, would be very acceptable. A set of or just a few slides or digital images are usually shown, though not always. We have both kinds of projector. Subjects that can broaden our outlook on rambles are popular with members.

Some of us tend call at Wetherspoons after the talk, which take place in the downstairs room of the library, at 7.15, on the second Tuesday of each month.

We can pay a fee. Anybody interested can email me on or my tel. 01422 348222. (I need speakers for 2011 booked within the month really, to get the programme printed.)

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