Saturday, 26 February 2011

Luddenden - this week

Pretty good in Luddenden this week with eight species of Macro and two Micro (I'm not sure if these are the same species), can anyone i.d. the Micro's please


Winston said...

Nice one Martin

both micros are Tortricodes alternalla. I think


martynbirder said...

the Moths in the post are

1. Chestnut

2. Tortricodes alternalla

3. Tortricodes alternalla (thanks Winston)

4. Satellite

5. March Moth

6. Pale Brindled Beauty

7. Spring Usher

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Martyn, we aren't seeing a great number of moths and find trying to ID the photos on the blog a good way to learn. If posters wouldn't mind saying what they are on their posts (even if they are the moth equivalent of a Blue Tit) it does help us.