Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Big night in Midgley

A very good night for us last night with the following caught
Mottled Grey 1
Engrailed 2
Small Quaker 4
Early Grey 1
Hebrew Character 3
Twin spot Quaker 2
Common Quaker 41
Clouded Drab 9


AndyC said...

Looks like the new trap is working very well..nice pics as well

Nick Carter said...

Just ordered a spare bulb, don't want to be left without if this one goes.
Just out of interest what is everyone's opinion on how often we should trap, is it wrong to trap every night? We are trapping around once or twice per week at present as we don't want to adversely effect local populations by holding so many moths in the trap when they should be out feeding and breeding.Sounds daft but could regular trapping have an effect on an immediate local level?

Bennyboymothman said...

I use to trap every night if the conditions were good.
This was in my old cottage garden and have since moved to a more urban area so I trap less now.
When I trapped every night one warm summer week I noticed a great deal of variety every time. The weather in this Country isn't great so I think you have to trap when it is warm and cloudy, I lost track of how many nights were clear and cool last year...too many!

Goldon Gordon said...

Trap whenever you want Nick. You only ever take a minscule number of moths from those flying which are mainly males anyway.

I once experimented at park road and removed something like (I cannot remember the exact figures now) but it was something like 190 Common Quakers and took them down CB and let them go the next night I had over 200 in the trap. People on the UK moths forum did some marking tests and found that they got very few recaptures the next night from moths released nearby. With my garden in Elland being right in Park wood, I did at times in March have over 350 + moths in the trap, mainly Orthosia Sp