Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hardcastle craggs last night and Mad March Moffers

A good turn out of moths and Moffers despite the cold , wet and windy weather.
Satellite  4
Common Quaker  12
Twin Spotted quaker   5
March moth    5
Small quaker   1
Engrailed        1
Dotted Border   2 (tree searching)
Diernea Fagella  1
Agonoptrix Arnella  1
Totricodes alternella  3
Ypsolopha ustella      1,
Winston, Nick,Nick,Bri ,Sandra,Christine and Andy..Cheers all


Winston said...

36 moths and 7 moffers. A good tally

Good to see old faces and new. Looking forward to the next meet up. Thanks for putting up the pics and thanks for the "refreshments" Nick.


heavy birder said...

Thanks for the lift Andy and thanks for the beer Nick C.Didnt expect to get so many moths on a cold March night.

brian leecy said...

Things are looking up,think we saw Chestnut also.good turnout too.must thank Nick/Sandra for light refreshments ! roll on next session.regards Bri.

AndyC said...

and 3 Chestnuts ,,,thanks bri...Will try next Sunday weather permitting......