Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hardcastle craggs .Turns up trumps

A steady 9 degrees at hardcastle craggs last night ,we ran two traps and recorded the following..
Common Quaker      70
Twin -spotted Quaker  47
Small Quaker               13
March Moth                  9
Hebrew Character       9
Couded drab              9
Mottled Grey            5
Dotted Border          6
Satellite                     6
Chestnut                17
Red Sword Grass      2
Pine Beauty               1
Red Green Carpet    4
 Engrailed                 4
Pale brindled Beauty   1
Brindled Pug             1
Ypsolopha   ustella         1
Agonoptrix her           1
Emelina Monodactyla    1


brian leecy said...

Thats really good for this time of year,9 species more than same time last year at Knottwood,although only 1 light and 1 person at that time ! interesting no yellow horned,Skinner reckons they can over winter twice,Nick/Sandra had 1 so far,interesting to see how many records we get this year,this time last year they peaked at knottwood 30 plus.regards Bri.

Nick Carter said...

Had a second last Thursday night. mentioned Yellow horned to some of the Flamborough moth-ers and they don't appear to get them over there, must look up distribution.

charlie streets said...

I was amazed to hear from Winston that his trap was empty on Sunday night!

Winston said...

well it was and now its out of action again, the electrics in the control box have completely burnt out! Sent off for a new one.

Just shows you charlie, its all about habitat and local conditions.