Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Last night in Luddenden

great night in Luddenden, my best ever in March, included these three micro's, any ideas?


Chestnut 5
Hebrew Character
Small Quaker 5
Twin-spotted Quaker 4
Clouded Drab 4
March Moth 2
Common Quaker 38


charlie streets said...

Hi Martyn,

Top:Probably Emmilina monodactyla but I'm not 100%.
Middle:Agonopterix ocellana.
Bottom:A dark phase,male Diurnea fagella.

Watch those micros - they're addictive you know :-)

AndyC said...

Bang on charlie...I agree..

AndyC said...

bit of an orthosia fest here with 42 Common,5 twin -spotted,3 small Quakers.10 hebrew Character,4 clouded drab and 2 Agonoprix her...

martynbirder said...

thanks chaps