Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A plea for Toads!

Hi all,

Apologies for the off-topic post, I promise my next one will be about moths! I did see my first butterfly today, however it was from quite a distance so I couldn't identify it...

The first Toads have been on the move in the area and I wondered if any of you night-time 'Moffers' would be interested in helping out with some night-time amphibians. We're extending a plea for volunteer Toad patrollers at some of Calderdale's Toad Crossing sites. We need some extra hands (and buckets!) to help the Toads cross the roads.

Five sites around Calderdale have been identified where Toads are at a high risk from traffic:
- Hebble End in Hebden Bridge
- Lumbutts/Mankinholes
- Hebden Hey in Hebden Wood
- Woodhouse Road in Todmorden
- Washer Lane in Sowerby Bridge

New 'Toad Crossing' road signs will be going up at Lumbutts and Hebble End as soon as possible, encouraging road users to drive carefully, but we still need volunteers! Particularly at the Woodhouse Road and Hebble End sites.

If you're interested and could spare the odd evening to help with some Toad transportation please get in touch with Hugh Firman at the Countryside Services. By email; Hugh.Firman@calderdale.gov.uk, or phone; 01422 393214.


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