Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Weekly round up

Above a Powdered quaker recorded last night,I usually get my first one around the 10th April so nice and early.Masses of orthosia sp over the weekend and my best year for twin Spotted Quakers so far .This Brindled Pug was on the fence this morning.(its best to record pugs this way if poss showing size and allways record date)


Going to try and trap and Gibson Mill from 8 o'clock if the weather  holds.Please do not drive down to gibson mill.We will meet in the top car park at 7 and give any one a lift who wants..After this walk down and get a lift back.Thanks Andy..


Winston said...

Hi Andy, should be up for that on thursday. Lift Christine? Win

AndyC said...

Hows the new trap running winston.???

muffin said...

Thursday sounds good. A lift would be great thanks Winston, Station Road just before 8? Christine

Nick Carter said...

Yep, we hope to be there

Winston said...

Muffin - ok will be there st 8.

Andy - Trap working fine. all will be revealed in the morning!


muffin said...

Cheers Win, see you all on Thurs.