Sunday, 10 April 2011

Early Thorn

Heres a Early Thorn at rest from Hardcastle Craggs last night,genny still going after 4 hours ! must be a record .regards Bri.

Engrailed    7
Water carpet 2
Chestnut      6
Brindled Pug      10
hebrew Character       3
Common Quaker     47
Early tooth striped    2
Twin spotted quaker    1
Early Thorn    3
Clouded Drab       19
Mottled Grey          1
Red Chestnut         1
Herald                  2
Agonoptrix Arnella     1
D.fagella             3
Tort.alt             1


AndyC said...

great detail on the Thorn pic if you enlarge it..Andy

AndyC said...

It will be interesting to see if we get another blast of orthosias later in April or have they all but gone....?????

oldsoulrebel said...

stunning photo Brian

brian leecy said...

be interesting to see numbers of orthosias in next visits,cheers for comments.2 e thorns came to the light but found this 1 on a oak in this position.regards Bri.