Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Purple patch

Looks like were in for a real purple patch over the weekend with tepms set to rocket so good luck .3 Powdered Quaker,Early and Purple thorn ,Common and Foxglove Pug and 20+ hebrew Characters last night.Today at Norland opposite the Moorcock 4/5 Green hairstreak ,2 Common Heath,10+ Peacock,6 Small tortoiseshell an  Incurvaria species which I think is  pectinea  but it was flying round billberry but birch nearby??? .My first Speckled woods and loads of Large and Green veined whites.


martynbirder said...

my first Early Thorn of the year finally arrived on Monday night and like buses five turned up at once!

celestial elf said...

Great Pictures :D
thought you might like my machinima film the butterfly's tale~
Bright Blessings
elf ~