Saturday, 17 September 2011

Devon Carpet Habitat Hardcastle Craggs

Some pics showing Devon Carpet habitat near Hollin Hall,foodplant Marsh Bedstraw which seems to like the wetter juncus flushes,also quite a lot down at Gibson Mill near the Dam, theres quite a lot of suitable areas around Calderdale,incidently Fen Bedstraw another possible foodplant grows in this area also.Devon Carpets must be out there in other places in Calderdale ! ps 84 Devons have been recorded so far ,and we have seen 2 generations,which is amazing ! regards Bri,Andy Martyn.

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Grampy Bustard said...

This is very interesting, in that there is only a small patch of this type of habitat at the site where I have caught three on the NY Moors. No luck this year so far. Interesting in that you have had 1st generation ones, as most of the extra-limital ones are autumn emergence. Excellent photo!